June 9, 2012

June 8, 2012

This would make me enjoy rain


Thai Patio on the couch while watching the Bachelorette fo lyfe!!

Demon days

I lost my leg like I lost my way
So no loose ends
Nothing to see me down
How are we going to work this out?

Dreams aren't bad, I had turned back
I love the girl
But God only knows it's
Getting hard to see the sun coming through
I love you...
But what are we going to do?

Picture I'm a dreamer
I'll take you deeper
Down to the sleepy glow
Time is a low..
Don't you know?
What are we going to do?

When you go back
All the second selfless days
You're in love with him
I want to see you again
I love you...
But what are we going to do?


June 7, 2012

Remember that one time in San Diego...?

Me neither! But we all ended up with face piercings! Is that so 2001? Quarter life crisis?
Either way, let's just say we drank Charin's body weight in Jameson, and danced with college kids till the wee morning hours! It was so much fun until the morning after, when I woke up feeling kinda weird and old (oh and hungover)- I now realize that I am no longer college aged. Oh well, give this girl some chicken and waffles and she'll quit her whining!