April 15, 2010

what's everyone doing for 420???

it's coming up folks! im going to my local clinic, where theyre gonna have live music, free drinks and edibles, a drum circle, and lots of group medicating!! wish i had some more friends who were MM patients!!!
but you know, i'll probably go thur for like an hour and then get antisocial and go back home and blaze with the homiezzz

www.libertybelltemple.comHAPPY MOTHA FUCKING 420!!!!


ummm who's VIP???

VIM ?? very important mower??

see you in indio ya'll!!!


April 6, 2010

Are your friends making YOU fat??

guilty as charged officer! and whatchu gonna do about it??

my roommate jenny claims i'm a fat influence on her lifestyle. SUCKSS!~ is this us in 10 years???
click below to read a funny article from Oprah Magazine. i'm the 'glass half full' friend. the one who's motto is LIVE A LITTLE!!

I'm a big FATASS!!


April 5, 2010

Princess Peach has found her missing Toadstools!!

ok ya'll. i need to do some serious birthday-meal blog posts. my birthday month is over and i'm having a hard time accepting it. so maybe this will help me find closure. and move on
let me start with the best tea party i've ever had- with the Cheshire cat herself!!! (that's you Kristie Creamsicle!) for those of you who know me well know that tea parties are right up my alley -- going out for tea is FUKIN FUN and i've been doing it with JAhn and Sammy B for years. finger sandwiches, scones, devonshire cream, raspberry preserves, lump sugar....! every gurl's fantasy! (what, YOU dont fantasize about tea??)
this was no exception.
at traditional tea parties, each guest chooses a tea, served with cream and sugar (or honey), an assortment of finger sandwiches, and lastly, a scone or pastry. well, Kristie Creamsicle is her own person ya'll. i can hear it now.. FUCK TRADITION (i'm sure she'd say). which is probably why she chose this incredible afternoon tea at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

1020 North San Vicente Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069-3802
(310) 854-1111

it had 'fuck tradition' written all over it, in that it was ALICE in Wonderland themed! shr0000minnn... now, Kristie knows my true weakness is sweets, and as soon as I scanned over the menu, i knew it was game over. i was defenseless!
i mean, it was primarily fucking dessert! shit! IM Not COMPLAINing! HELLZZZ nahhhhhhhh. coconut cream pudding, homemade strawberry preserves, lavender whipped cream, mini scones, ice wine pudding, chocolate ganache cup, marzipan cookies......... OMGahhh! and last but not least, i mean we cant forget my peeps-- i am in fact their princess --- THE TOADSTOOLS! i guess the London Hotel removed them from my Mushroom Kingdom... they must be working for Bowser....
but fret no longer! i rescued them and they are living blissfully in a warm, tropical place AKA my stomach.





March 30, 2010

Definitely a 10 on the Mow Scale!!

i outdid myself this time you guys. for reallz! so it was a typical weekday. me, chris, and demetris smoking bowls, watching 'My So Called Life', and trying to figure out where to order dinner from. well, we decided on Thai Patio (duh). i was in charge of the ordering, so i got the panang curry, brown rice, fresh spring rolls, pad thai, and cashew chicken. i mean, usually, i order the same number of dishes as there are people eating. they're family style, ya know. so technically, i ordered 4 dishes. should have been plenty for the three of us.

after mowing on Thai Patio, we sat around in silence for approximately 3 minutes before demetri asked the question we all were thinking: "did the food already come?" it was like we all simultaneously blacked out! we were all in a mow-hole and couldnt get out! our stomachs didnt register the mow we had just taken DOWN! so what was the solution to our problem? order more food DUH! umm 4th meal? heard of it????
pizza was what we chose. big mamas and papas, of course. FUCKKKKKK
this was the most i'd eaten since Joshua Tree the week before! DO I NEED TO GO ON A DIET?


100th post! REUBEN SANCHEZ!

or his backside anyway. jenny liked his sweats. so do i! and his FADE! is he FADED?? do you think he blazes cuz of his FADE?

this is the official object of my affection. well i mean, i guess i dont really get to shower him with my affection, so he's more like the object of my infatuation. SUCKS! we've never spoken. but we make eye contact sometimes!



March 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

An empty bowl needs to be filled, a full bowl needs to be emptied

Life's paradox....??



Ain't no big thang

just Coconut-Vanilla Bean cupcakes, topped with toasted coconut.

i'll make you some


Are you ready for Gorillaz visuals at Coachella??

just dont get over-stimulated!

dying for this song right now!!!

Up on melancholy hill
There's a plastic tree
Are you here with me
Just looking out on the day
Of another dream

Well you can't get what you want
But you can get me
So let's set up and see
'Cause you are my medicine
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

So call in the submarine
'Round the world will go
Does anybody know
If we're looking out on the day
Of another dream

If you can't get what you want
Then you come with me

Up on melancholy hill
A manatee?
Just looking out on the day
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

When you're close to me


i have MOW COW disease!

and this is what it looks like

this past weekend in Joshua Tree was a mowwow to remember. at least for me it was!
my Mow Meal Plan:


lots of beer and margaritas
lots of sour patch watermelons
burger, potato salad, energy chips
baked beans
2 jumbo cupcakes-- red velvet and choco-banana cream
more beer
1 box of girl scout cookies (i mean, we took down 4 on the first night, so i figure i'm responsible for at least 1....)
sour apples and peaches in bed....

woke up to a cinnamon swirl muffin from Smart and Final- had another for an afternoon snack
2 cheese danishes
1 cup coffee
vodka + water
beer, beer, beer while BA BA BA BOULDERIN!
potato chips with sour cream and onion dip
tortilla chips with corn and black bean dip
Sour patch (DUH)
girl scout cookies
bean, cheese, avocado, pepper burrito
3 apple danishes

the bowls were a'passin' and i couldnt resist the mow-tation.
which is why I've decided to design a 30 day Mow diet and fitness plan-- for those of us who want it all, and just can't say no. those of us whose lungs can't handle cardio, but quitting smoking is just not an option. those of us who want that cannabis-leaf-bikini bod, but refuse to leave the gaming chair.



hey ya'll!!! sorry i've been so MIA lately---- I've been having a major MARCH MOW MADNESS MONTH!! iv'e been so mowed out this birthday month of mine, that i haven't even been photographing my conquests, let alone actually blogging.

i promise this will be changing immediately. will you ever forgive me???


March 16, 2010

sometimes these are funny...

"facebook should have an 'i'll smoke to that' button instead of 'like'"



Smoke mad bowls, eat mad bowls....

one day till we find the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow! green beer! leprechauns! red-headed guys with white eyelashes! (GROSSSS)
but i dont need beer laced with food coloring to enjoy my Saint Patrick's Day! i celebrate year round with two of my good friends, Guinness and Lucky Charms.

Luck o' the Irish!


March 15, 2010

a day in the life of my nightstand: part 4

i got a lil' cap'n in me!!!
the essentials


March 11, 2010

OG mowable

Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables!! i mean, it's in the name! any snack with an '-able' attached to the end of it-- well you just know it's mowable!
the people at Smucker's really hit a gold mine when they came up with this concept- microwavable (See? there it is again...) pockets of white bread filled with peanut butter and jelly. the best part?? as the name suggests, the crusts have been removed for you! and the bread slices are fused together like an empanada!

they used to have grilled cheese Uncrustables which were equally delish. but no more! either way, i dont own a microwave anymore, so when i pass these in the frozen aisle, the temptation to grab a couple of boxes is like an 8 instead of a 10. 


March 10, 2010

I'm sick. I need my medicine.

smoking some sativa ya'll!

fresh prescription for PEACH!



as in... one of the most orgasmic snacks ever!  i caramelized the apples, melted the cheese, toasted the pita...
O shit! 
O my!


March 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

Marijuana is not a drug!!! 
I used to suck dick for coke! You ever suck DICK for marijuana?


I am a Big Buck Hunter!!

Big Buck Hunter, the arcade game, centers around a player's ability to shoot up to three bucks a stage without shooting a doe or any other harmless critter. i'm good!  

you think you know how to game?  you have no idea.

for your viewing pleasure!!


A Mowwow: Illustrated

Ain't no mowwow like a LUAU-STYLE 
this shit was insane in the membrane! a sunday afternoon birthday party in the Valley, including a pig roasting and plenty of cocktails and appetizers. this can only mean one thing:
tiki/luau style party+ hosted by a Mexican family= food coma!
as soon as we arrived, jenny and i saw the appetizer table--- spinach dip with Hawaiian bread, fruit salads galore, crackers and dips, mango margaritas, and rum punch! we were smart and got mad faded before showing up.  it was a beautiful day for mowing!

outside was a gruesome scene: A PIG split down the middle, and thrown on the BARBIE! there were chicken breasts simmering in it's stomach fat!  ahh i was so close to trying some-- but i dont eat pork! plus i was too preoccupied with the hors d'vours (sp?) table!  
jenny and i eventually took a seat, since the hostess Valerie noticed us crowding around the snack table since we had arrived! she even said something! hahah!!!!!
so we found a seat just a couple of yards away from the action in the kitchen. and that was when things took a turn for the worse......
one of the ladies helping in the kitchen, removed the spinach dip from the table- with it's sweet, soft, hawaiian sidekick, and THREW IT AWAY!  jenny immediately noticed, but we had a hard time believing the sad truth. so we went searching. maybe she stuck it in the fridge? took it outside? set it on the counter? it was only halfway eaten..... but NO! we couldnt find that shit anywhere, and it was really funny to see jenny get anxious about it. cuz although she doesnt mow too often, when she does mow- she MOWS!  now that's a lot of mows!

soon the spinach dip was like an afterthought in our minds, thanks to the next course. jenny, on her toes as usual, got up to check out the goods, and came back with eyes wide and mouth open "anna," she said, "they have mango sticky rice." ummm que??? a sphincter says what?? did my ears deceive me??????  i had to see what my ears didn't believe-- and TA DA!
true to her word--- mango. sticky. rice.    HOMEMADE! God bless interracial marriages!
truly, of all things that couldve been brought out for dessert in a Hispanic household--- fried bananas, tres leches, flan, rice pudding, guayaba con queso fresco....  THAI MANGO STICKY RICE?? never would've guessed. it was like it was prepared with us in mind. was this planned? were we the guests of honor?   
oh gawd- looking at this pic makes me salivate. so dank. SO DANK.
and then when i got home, chris and i had pizza and candy. lesson learned: you can never have too much of a good thing! 


March 5, 2010

i want a premier bath. BAD

these baths/showers, made by a brand called Premier Care-- are the hottest things these days! they're designed for old people who are just too damn old to stand up. they lock you in nice and tight, and provide a seat for you to rest on while bathing! 
he looks so happy!
my question is- do you have to be a senior citizen to get one?? i mean, i spend all of my showers sitting down anyways (don't all princesses?), i'd love to have a sealed door to keep me from passing out and falling out of the shower! 
so chillll.  SO chill.


March 4, 2010

this is what happens when i smoke hash!

this video makes me laugh so hard!! MK insisted on filming me, immediately after smoking mad bowls of greens topped with some homemade hash one of my clients gave me. worst of all, I WASN'T WEARING MAKEUP!! i didnt have my face on! 
so i try to hide my face the whole time, while mowing on an ice cream bar, drooling, and having a major hash attack!  finally, i gather my wits, and put my game face on. literally. Zelda's waiting.


mah boyZ! these are my boiZ!

when chrissy and demetris are hungry, you know what annas does for them??
cheese plates ya'll!

nothing but the best for these 2:  gruyere, brie, grapes, triscuits, and lemon bars! DANK

Prince of the Pull-out

Your Highness of the Hardwood



i need a worthy opponent for my favorite game!! 
listen up potential challengers-- i am the SHIZNIT at this game.
off the hook
the bomb
the poo
i've gotten past level 20 on the NES version more times than i can count.  you guys dont even know what the double-digit levels look like!
but enough bragging. 
so who's gonna challenge me?? my dad is really the only one who can even hold a candle to my skillZ. i learned from the former master of the arcade! 
call me. let's set up a Tetris Tourny!
come bust a move where the games are played, it's chill, it's fresh, it's Anna's Arcade!




dont bother the baby christmas
see you at TETRIS!


this was gross.. but i still ate it!

cuz that's what a professional mower would do! some amaretto-cherry-almond flavored ice cream medley. 
nuts and fruits?

josh is getting a mustache! HOT! 


have you seen the commercial for this shit??

ahhahaha so HIGHlarious!  we were super baked when this came on the telly, but demetri and i thought it was the funniest thing! maybe it's funnier when stoned, but  i wouldn't know, since i live the herbalife 
either way, it got our attention and i now want to switch to herbatint just cuz of the name-- genius.
would you use herbatint? what if it came with a free pre-roll???? hellZZ yA!


I've been stuck in a mow-hole...

and couldn't get out!!!
should i explain why???
a picture says a thousand words.....
there was no posing for pictures on this particular evening... everybody was having their own mow-wow!

i don't even know where to begin! this korean bbq place was too bomb for words!! 
because i had been anticipating this meal for days, i decided it was a good idea to get super FAYded and smoke bowls to my dome for a couple of hours before dinner-- just building up my appetite, ya'll! nothing new!

thank god jenny was there-- i couldn't leave without knowing what it was that i kept making her order for me time and time again. 

***kimchi pancake***


this thing was one of the best things i've ever tasted-- i had 5 or 6!!!!!!!  imagine a purple-urple pancake!

so after being wheeled out of the Korean BBQ joint, we headed down the street to my favorite ----- ICE KISS!!

i don't know where we consumed more calories- the bbq place or ice kiss.... you be the judge!

yes-- that's a dog bowl! 
Power up Pooch!
so we had one ice kiss, and one taro bowl!!! it had purple taro powder all over it! omg it tasted like cereal flavored shaved ice---- SHAT!

before and after pics are crucial! look at the damage! should we call this pic Port-au-Prince???? Concepcion??  

too soon?

this was a 10 on the mow scale!!
the morning before this meal, i weighed 127 lbs. the morning after? i was 133!!!!


February 28, 2010

69th post!!!

i want a medicinal marijuana green cross tat behind my ear, done in black-light ink!!
that way, i can only see it when i'm Ravinnn' Simone! or should i just go for the gold and get a cannabis leaf....!

will i regret this in like .5?? what do you think?


February 27, 2010

do i look like i'm in my element??

watch out for Anna Paquin Heat AKA Princess Die AKA cANNAbitch hitting roller rinks near you!!


February 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

There are three types of people in this world:

those who make things happen

those who watch things happen

and those who wonder what happened.

which one are you?


a day in the life of my night stand... Part 2

i know the ice cream bar is weakkkkk! but bomb.com! i love when i brush my teeth in the morning, and hawk up chocolate! LOLLLLLLLL


fruit is NOT dessert

and fuck any skinny bitches who say it is! if i ate fruit for dessert, i'd be Anna-rexic!

so then why, pray tell, did I make lemon bars??? LEMON?!

granted, 1 lemon bar has the calorie count of a Snickers bar and a half. and there's a total of mayyyybe three lemons in a batch of 2 dozen. and theyre good. im not gonna lie... but PUHLEEZE! there's fruit IN THE NAME! therefore... these arent mowables! there's no mowage going on right now-- and this is peak mow time, considering i just ate dinner, and my first dessert.
these just arent gonna cut it for my second dessert. maybe my fourth? moving on to the girl scout cookies...


we like to mow. do you?

AND THIS IS HOW ME AND SOO DO! a bottle of wine and 2 boxes of GS cookies to our DOMES! shat