January 20, 2010


support for AB 390

did u know that thomas jefferson grew cannabis on his plantation?? pot smoking president tiiight. almost as hot as bill clinton

ok . reasons why pot should be legalized:
  1. let's face it. prohibition of marijuana just DOESNT WORK. i bet every person in this state knows where they could pick up some purple urple.
  2. marijuana is NOT as potentially dangerous as other drugs-- i mean, it just doesnt have the same chemical dependency risks as most drugs, even ones available to children! (caffeine. heard of it?) this is a fact.
  3. legalizing Alice would make our streets and communities safer. there are (obviously) statistical links between drugs and crime-- legalizing maryjane would eliminate the majority of amateur drug dealers (AKA teenagers).
  4. if legal, maybe we can finally afford it???? basic supply and demand. when a supply of something, say sticky greens, is restricted, the price goes up exponentially. conversely, when the item is made available to the general public, the price is bound to drop. (also, with lowered prices, is the consumer gonna be as motivated to steal...??)
  5. Next. Economy. cannabis is cali's largest cash crop, capable of producing 14 billion dollars annually in revenue. A 10% tax would give our state $1.4 billion dollars/year!!!!! not to mention all the new jobs that would be created (in agriculture, advertising, packaging etc. etc.) plus, the cost of criminalization is high. i dont know that stats but i heard it costs more to imprison a person for 1 year than it does to put someone through Harvard. and most marijuana drug offenders have committed non-violent acts.
ok this is getting too long. experiencing A.D.D...

i know this will be passed in my lifetime but it still wouldn't hurt to write the members of our California assembly regarding assembly bill 390-- author: Tom Ammiano

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