January 30, 2010

I was a terror since the public school era-- Bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezing asses!!

yesterday i smoked the Swiss Cheese. shit smelled like foot AKA cheese! and it passed me the FUCK out. shat. next thing i knew, i was passed out on the couch. AND i had guests over! suxx.
i also went for a hike up to the observatory stoned as heeellll. i had cotton mouth so bad the whole time.
when i got home, i had leftover pizza. (always gotta have pizza in the house) then later i had a cheese plate. followed by thai patio. but at least i walked there! burned that shit right off. it's about .25 miles from the apt force 6. Next, chris and jenny walked to 31 flavors to get ice cream for the triple H threat frat members!! while they were gone, i got to thinking about
when i used to live above winchells and 31 flavors. what more could you ask for. i know!
pavilions! oh yeah, that was right next door. so i could get cap'n crunch berries for a late night mow sesh. boi i miss the pasadena apt..............
i digress!
pictured is chris and jenny. chris is holding my double scoop of Snickers ice cream cuz he already finished his cone on the walk back! SHAT ! HOT
i was really full after the ice cream. but it's not about feeling full. it's about stimulating your taste buds, hungry or not.
so i made a snack i learned from chrissy. slice up a banana and put a dollop of peanut butter on each slice, topped with a drizzle of honey. next, put in freezer for approx 30 mins. last, M
OW!!! have a mowwow!
wanna know my top favorite things to mow on??
  1. cereal. . i particularly like cereals by Kellog's and General Mills. to be more specific, capn crunch berries, corn pops, fruity pebbles, cocoa puffs...
  2. MILK DUDS. even though they're responsible for every bracket i ever lost
  4. spicy tabasco cheez-its
  5. donuts (apple fritter, or white one with rainbow sprinkles)
  6. french fries. with 1000 island
  7. Tollhouse mint chocolate brownie bars
  8. mango sticky rice
  9. apples with peanut butter
  10. red grapes
to the right is mango sticky rice. it's basically white sticky rice, sweetened with some shit, and made creamy with some other ingredients, topped with a sweet coconuty cream sauce, and served with fresh mango. words cannot describe. i cant eat this too often. a side of me that i dont like comes out and gets very selfish.


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