January 26, 2010


this shit is bananas!!!
so i began watching LOTR again tonight. its such a good series! although im team harry potter 4life. while beginning fellowship of the ring tonight, i made the bombest gnocchi ever. arugula pesto with grilled chicken and lemon asparagus. about a 6 on the mowwow scale!! but thats just where it began. next, i settled into the couch to smoke a bowl (or 2!!!) of Blue Dream. dank. i was smartyesterday when i went to Ralphs,cuz i stocked up on snackies-- jalepeno cheddar chips, cupcake mix, milk duds, and ice cream. broke into the milk duds and a bottle of wine SHAT!

the milk duds failed to satiate me so i had to think of something to fill the void. fast. CUPCAKES! ok so i made 2 dozen. whats the big deal?? i made my favorite-- pillsbury funfetti. bomb.com
pictured is me mowing away. i had 2
you cant imagine how good i feel right now. so healthy and lean :D


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