January 28, 2010

smoke a joint to this

this was my midnight treat last night!!! i didnt sleep in my bed (or should i say mattress) last night, so as i was driving to my sleep destination, i smoked a fat jay jay!! mmm blue dream is treating my right these days that shit is dank. chris asked me today what my favorite strain was at the moment and why and i chose BLUE DREAM. it gives me a fun body high but i dont break into giggles when touched!! and i can smoke it right before work and be chillllllll yet functioning. it also gives me fun dreams. i have been having the craziest dreams lately!! shat. AMFBafter smoking, i exited the frwy and realized i needed mowables. to the market i went and matthew bought me goodies!! i told him to surprise me and then made him sit on the milk duds for half an hour to get them to the perfect temp.

we got generic brand gummy bears and lemon heads & friends. they were both kinda ghetto but when youre in mow mode, it doesnt matter. ya know
??? the milk duds treated me right.

we had gotten sushi earlier in the night at Love Sushi. it was NASTY!! there were like veins and shit in my fish, it looked like raw beef. overall, about a 5 on the mow scale.
im sitting with soo jin and chrissy getting ready for the mowwow of the century!! we've already tackled a bag of tricuits, a bag of baked wheat thins, a container of cream cheese dip,
half a block of cheddar cheese, an apple, 6 cupcakes, a bottle of wine, and leftover homemade arugula pesto pasta!!! yummy.
do you think im fat?

demetri just left but when he came, he brought over a package of sour punch straws. those were yummilicious too.

whats for dinner????



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  1. "made him sit on the milk duds for half an hour to get them to the perfect temp"


    i love this blog!