February 28, 2010

69th post!!!

i want a medicinal marijuana green cross tat behind my ear, done in black-light ink!!
that way, i can only see it when i'm Ravinnn' Simone! or should i just go for the gold and get a cannabis leaf....!

will i regret this in like .5?? what do you think?


February 27, 2010

do i look like i'm in my element??

watch out for Anna Paquin Heat AKA Princess Die AKA cANNAbitch hitting roller rinks near you!!


February 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

There are three types of people in this world:

those who make things happen

those who watch things happen

and those who wonder what happened.

which one are you?


a day in the life of my night stand... Part 2

i know the ice cream bar is weakkkkk! but bomb.com! i love when i brush my teeth in the morning, and hawk up chocolate! LOLLLLLLLL


fruit is NOT dessert

and fuck any skinny bitches who say it is! if i ate fruit for dessert, i'd be Anna-rexic!

so then why, pray tell, did I make lemon bars??? LEMON?!

granted, 1 lemon bar has the calorie count of a Snickers bar and a half. and there's a total of mayyyybe three lemons in a batch of 2 dozen. and theyre good. im not gonna lie... but PUHLEEZE! there's fruit IN THE NAME! therefore... these arent mowables! there's no mowage going on right now-- and this is peak mow time, considering i just ate dinner, and my first dessert.
these just arent gonna cut it for my second dessert. maybe my fourth? moving on to the girl scout cookies...


we like to mow. do you?

AND THIS IS HOW ME AND SOO DO! a bottle of wine and 2 boxes of GS cookies to our DOMES! shat







my birthday WISH list, that is! check cha check cha check it out!

first, pot leaf cookie cutter. essential. because i get baked. and i bake cookies.
second, we have Zyliss lemon and lime zesters! because the fine side of my cheese grater is really dull.
Bare Escentuals mineral foundation, in 'light'. because every latina wants to look lighter
of course, as i blogged before, my illadelph glassware. this one is a little different can you tell? it's beaker bottom, and has no ash catcher. HAWT! because it's rasta colors!!
SO DOPE! MARIO-THEMED COOKIE CUTTERS!! because they dont make them anymore. and if anyone found them for me, i'd die!
pastry cutter/scraper. woot! because i want to add it to my collection of baking utensils.

New Moon DVD. because i'm a tween at heart.

the iPAD!! because i want a kindle. and apple had to 1up it.
a digital scale. because i just feel like every ....
  • ganja girl
  • marijuana maid
  • bong-rippin' bachelorette
  • dazed daughter
  • lazy lady
  • tokin' tootsie
  • baked betty
  • stoned schoolgirl
  • high honey
  • faded female
  • blunt-rollin' babe
  • chillin' chick
  • foggy floozy
  • vaporizing vixen
  • inhaling individual
  • puffin' princess should have one!!

because the first Mario Galaxy is, hands down, my favorite video game ever. (ok tetris first.)

Volvo c30. because it's full of sex!

timing belt for the ol' Vdub... because i dont want to buy it.

Gorillaz new cd out in less than 2 weeks. because half their set at Coachella will probably be from this album!



February 25, 2010

why buy bud at a dispensary when you can get it for cheaper on the streets?

I'll tell you why, stoners! CUZ IT's BETTER!!! I mean really, bottom line, it needs to meet certain standards, which means it's guaranteed quality bud, buddies!
i bought a quarter of the nastiest shit off the street the other day! i mean, it looked ok, a little light and dry, but i'm generally not a Sticky Snob--especially since it was only $80-- as long as that shit takes me to a higher level!!
no such luck, ya'll.
i'm still stuck with this shit, after 9 days AND after burning it out with others on at least 4 separate occasions. WTF!
yet another reason why ALICE should be taxed and regulated!



sometimes i'm active.... PART 2

i'm TOO fucking good at smashball! i mean really, i scare everyone away, and no one will play with me. i have one friend who will play smashball with me, and it's MK (pictured).
the way we play, is the server hits the ball, then the other player. MK takes a hit, i take a hit, MK takes a hit, I take a hit, MK takes a hit, I take a hit, I pack a bowl, i take a hit, i take a hit, i take a hit... OH SHIT! thats not the way we play!!
hahah there really arent any rules, i do what i want!
this is DEFINITELY a stoner sport! (sport....?)

"I could use a little more control, but my speed makes up for it!"


February 24, 2010


HAHAH! even when it's only 1:20 in LA, it's 4:20 in Cuba!!!

this is why we have 3 clocks above the TV! so i have THREE chances a day of smoking at or around 4:20!!
and i can always see them from my perch on the couch. Genius!

what time is it in Seoul, S. Korea jenny????


Christmas came early!!

OH SHIT!! girl scout cookie time!!
the second half of every winter always brings these addicting, 75 calorie treats!

TOO BAD TWO OF THESE BOXES ARE ALREADY GONE GONE GONE!! when i got them monday night, i went through 6 cookies. last night, i had 8. this morning? 4. do you think i'm fat??

these are my favorites!!!
  • samoas AKA gimme-some-mo' s!
  • tag-a-longs AKA mow-a-long-times


February 20, 2010

FACT: my biggest monthly expense is my delivery food bill

but for realllsies!! (aside from rent)
I calculated that i spend about $300/month on delivery food! this figure does NOT include take out food... SHAT Muthafuckers!
that's $300 of my hard earned dollars, spent at Thai Patio, Big Mama and Papa's, Red Corner Asia, Crispy Crust, Pink Pepper Thai, Palms Thai, Alwazir Chicken, and duh duh duh Dominos. fuck. i hate tax time! it forces me to reevaluate my lifestyle choices. categorizing my receipts is TORTURE! why? cuz i come across receipts from places like Gamestop, detailing my $225+ dollar purchases. or ebay, verifying that i did indeed invest in an 8 person raft (with cupholders!) for $300. i dont have a boat. i dont have a lakehouse. and then of course, these damn delivery receipts. i mean really. can't i write them off?? i was smokin out/talking business with a client and footed the bill for our mowwow-- strictly business!!


Quality mow I've been craving....

ICE KISS!!! the dankest, most dangerous dog bowl full of everything from shaved ice, to fruity pebbles! lychee to bananas! nuts to whipped cream! MMMMMMMMMMM

3407 West 6th Street Los Angeles


the most i've LOLed in a long time!!

HAHAHAHAHA! check out who facebook wants me to be friends with! LOL x infinity!


February 19, 2010

TUJUNGA pride!!

for those of you who know your way around the gem of the foothills, Tujunga, you've gotta check out what's been going on for the past couple of months on tujunga canyon blvd.!
this guy who calls himself the 'bandito' has been "beautifying" a piece of undeveloped property near the Verdugo hills golf course-- property that had since been reserved for dead bodies and abandoned cars.
it all started last summer. look at what the bandito did!

at christmas, he put silver and gold metallic christmas ballz everywhere! and he built a ton of crazy ass rock formations all over the property. shit!
for February, he replaced the metallic balls with red hearts! and on Valentine's day last weekend, he proposed to his girlfriend with paint and a piece of butcher paper!!!! *swoon*

it's funny cuz the whole property now looks like a bunch of fairies went TPing one night. the decorations are soo white trash! and i love it!

you can take the girl out of tujunga, but you can't take the tujunga out of the girl.


My two favorite Jews

these guys are so fucking sick I can't wait to see them again, this time at coachella, and not a rave. INfected Mushroom will definitely be the HIGHlight of the weekend for me. can't wait to party with ~mollie~, Duvdev, and Erez! below is IM performing my favorite song of theirs- Legend of the Black Shawerma- in Tel Aviv.
for those of you unfamiliar, PUHLEEZE take the time to listen, and download more of my favorite infected mushroom tracks
  • Cities of the Future
  • Becoming Insane
  • Suliman
  • Shakawkaw
  • Dancing with Kadafi
  • Disco Mushroom
  • Acid Killer


this looks a little better!



Now that's a big nuggie!

a fat nug of Casey Jones! mmm im jonesin' to burn it up!


THAT'S IT!! I'm finding a new place to live!


do YOU notice what's missing in this picture?? you guessed it--- Sour Patch watermelons!! WTF
in the 9 months that i've lived in Los Feliz/E. Hollywood, i have not been able to find them anywhere! they're not at drug stores, liquor stores, or supermarkets in this effing town.
are you kidding me?? stoners: do you feel my pain?? these little pink and green treats are the perfect mowables-- at all times. (Spartans, do they remind you of the student store...?)
and i;m sorry, but the sour patch kids are just NOT the same. who wants lemon and lime flavored candy? GROSS!!!

do something about it, los feliz. or im outta here.


February 18, 2010

my big screen debut....

hey ya'll! check me out in the movie Smiley Face! i play Jane-- check out the synopsis on IMDB!
Smiley Face follows Jane, a regular pothead and aspiring actress. Her normal day consists of 'waking and baking', eating chips, and sleeping on her wonderful bed. The movie starts off with her talking to herself on the top of a still ferris wheel. Then it goes back to 9 am that same day, when Jane is smoking weed and playing on the computer. She goes to the fridge to get something to eat and finds her roommate's batch of delicious cupcakes that he's saving for this SciFi Party later on. Of course, she eats all of them, only to realize they were also baked with pot. So, incredibly high Jane makes a list of things to do, including buy more pot to make her roommate more cupcakes, go to her acting audition, and paying the power bill in person before the company cuts off their electricity. That is how Jane's day begins... but it goes on well into sunset, where you will find Jane back on the ferris wheel, with the original Communist manifesto by Karl Marx in her arms and several angry people below her, ready to send her to prison.

haha! just a day in the life of a typical stuh suth stonnner! by far, my favorite movie. EVER.


I blew it!

GAWD i was so FAY-DED last night i forgot to take a prime mow shot!! i had it all set up and everything, but as soon as the pizza arrived, i got mayjuh-ly distracted! dang
here's a post-mow pic, right before we hid the evidence
we had a bottle of wine, 2 pizzas, finished off the peanut butter M&Ms, and then we had a rendezvous with the Cap'n! YOU KNOW WHICH ONE!!


Coyote Ugly on the telly!


High Hiking

High hiking is funny for me. it's HARD! it goes without saying that cottonmouth sucks, but coupled with being short of breath REALLLY SUX! not to mention my balance gets a little out of whack after i've just smoked a jay of Obama Kush. the whole thing is pretty counterintuitive, but, it's always worth the view.




February 17, 2010

Best idea ever...

DONUTS!! pic sucks but pictured are my 3 fave donuts!! An apple fritter, a choco glaze with chocolate INSIDE, and a white cake one with rainbow sprinkles. YUM! mowed dirrrrty on these last night, and washed them down with whole milk-- so low cal!! i was meaning to blog about it last night, but was too stoned to use my brain.
Demetri and I started talking about donuts around i'd say 8pm last night. guess what time we got off of our fat asses and walked to the donut shop???? 10:30!! hahaha! wait did i say 'we'? who am i kidding, i didnt do SHIT!! demetris went and got them--- but he owed me for getting him God's Purple Gift! it's nice to have company to mow with....

Worst idea ever....

VEGAN blueberry-banana whole wheat muffins. enough said.

February 16, 2010

if it doesn't burn, you're doing something wrong

but really. i dont care if you're smoking a bleezy, hittin the volcano, or tokin on an everyday bubbler, it should burn a little going down your throat. otherwise you're not sucking hard enough!! HAHA! lolllllllllllllllllzzz



a friend with weed is a friend indeed!

who's that girl, posing with her middies bag o' weed??



What. A. Disgrace.

this is the most pathetic our candy dish has been in a while. i mean really. first of all (no offense mom), nobody actually likes candy conversation hearts. they taste like chalk they're used for Y-camp art projects. they remind me of elementary school. [[ugh private school]] i dont care if i'm baked and a halff-- i will not eat these things.
next. gumballs. not bad. but no good for a mower. GUM IS NOT A MOWABLE. I'm sorry Extra gum, but a slice of your product does NOT count as a snack. fuck those commercials. next we got ladybug and hershey's milk chocolate. BORING.
last, Chocodates! (Arabian Delight) an almond smothered in date paste, topped with chocolate. bomb but i think jenny put those in there when we first moved in. SHIT!

i spend at least $4.99/week filling that dish with mow-worthy candy. everybody eats it sooo fast! crowd favorites at the apt force 6 include reeses, snickers, milk duds, and kit kats. a couple of weeks ago, i performed an experiment. I bought a bag of N.A.S.T.Y. raspbery flavored chocolates. these are NOT something you would have seconds of. they lingered around for a little while, but were soon fully consumed! (by chris). so i guess what i learned is that i just need to have a couple friendly mowers over, and my candy dish should be empty in no time.

whos coming over???


have you met my friend Affgooey???

MMMM i'm LOVING this shit! except it's such a non-mowing high... yes, im complaining! i wonder why it's called Affgooey? it's not gooey really, definitely not dripping with THC! suxx.... but bomb.com. total head high. mmmmm fay-ded! TRY IT OUT YA'LL!!!PEACH

February 14, 2010

my birthday is coming up.......!