February 10, 2010

dessert has it's own compartment in the human stomach

ain't no mowwow like a frat house mowwow! listen, jenny park, chrissy, demetri, and i know how to Take. Shit. Down.
are YOU surprised??
it's simple really- we've just learned how to stretch our stomachs beyond normal capacity- and of course, we've trained ourselves to keep the dessert compartment SEPARATE from the savory compartment! this is key.
you may feel full after a meal of pad thai, pepper with basil and chicken, fried fish cakes, brown rice, white rice,
panang curry, quesadillas, hot pockets, and taquitos, but that don't mean shit when it comes to dessert! this is a whole separate compartment people!
in order to truly be "mowed out" both compartments must be full.
that's where the valentine's day (OH SHIT!!) candy comes into play. and the cap'n crunch
berries, the half baked, the cherry garcia, the red velvet cake, and the milk duds (ALWAYS)!!

oh. and dont forget the beeerrr!! brewskies!!


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