February 3, 2010

the El Nino of mowwows!!!

oh shit! are you ready for this??

this was decidedly the most fattening meal i have ever eaten!
it all started on a boring Sunday afternoon.
Jenny noticed me putzing around, not doing much with my life, and came up with a brilliant idea. should we have a fry night???
now what do u think my answer was??
heck yes!
after dropping $90 at the market, i had come up with my part of the menu: homemade buffalo sauce with deep fried wings, a banana-pineapple-coconut bread pudding, and a coffee streusel cake for breakfast!!! SHAT! check out my desserts!!! the bread pudding claimed to be based on a Cuban recipe so i gave it the benefit of the doubt. i'm latina bitch! it was yummy! chris and i ate the leftovers yesterday. it was soggy and yummy.
jenny ended up making a creamy cole slaw, and buttermilk biscuits. i ate the biscuits with honey and butter, KFC style. and when i ate them, i said "these taste like KFC style biscuits." and jenny said she had never had biscuits from KFC!! can you believe that? then i said. i used to eat there all the time when i was younger cuz my dad was divorced and single and couldnt cook and thats why i love kraft mac n cheese. and, well, KFC.
soon, Tom decided to show up- and chip in! while matthew slept. HAHA
he made beer-battered deep fried fish! it was dank. MK showed up to grub. and then i cleaned up while everyone sat around and smoked bowls and got high and useless!
haha. just kidding. i actually sat around and got high and useless. dug into my coffee cake even though it was meant for breakfast. suckkks! finished it yesterday so made 2 more. 1 for work and 1 for my mom. now im sitting at work. and my sliced coffee cake is mocking me, it's scents wafting towards my nostrils while i sit here reminiscing about grubbing on it. shit.
i had a bite!
just one slice isnt gonna hurt.


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