February 14, 2010

gettin high in venice beach= so cliche!

what a purrrty winter day! coachella is around the corner which means i need some sun ya'll! should i just go to the tanning salon??? (HIGH or low bed?)
today was near perfect. oh i mean aside from the fact that im single, i spend 5 days a week watching the same crap TV shows and wearing a hole in my sofa, my diet consists of bread, sugar, and butter, and my favorite thing to do is smoke bowls to my dome!!
nonetheless, i got high at venice beach (along with everyone else there),
and walked around window shopping- checking out the GLASS!
nothing good so i got more high and passed out.
read a little, jammed out with the ipod (I mean iPUF!!), and built up my appetite for tonight's mowwow- it's gonna take over!!!
what should it be called??:

Hurricane Mowtrina
E Coli Mowteria
Ocean View Blvd. Mow Slides
Guantanamow Bay


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