February 9, 2010


the most amazeballs roomie/bff ever?? you will never believe what i came home to the other night from work! jenny and tom sent me on a whirlwind of a treasure hunt-- searching the ins and outs of my apartment for that little white mouse AKA cheesecake!! it was so awesome.
they even knew l'd be entering from the baCK! (thats what he said??) it all started with thefour simple words "start here to mow", with an arrow directed towards-- you guessed it-- the kitchen!
at this point, i had no idea what was in store for me!!

next came "go to the fridge" (well i was already headed in that direction, duh!)

inviting me in was none other than the beautiful Winona Ryder! (i always feel like shoplifting!)
"Enter Here" she teased, momentarily distracting me with her sparkling eyes
(i'm straight!)

no one prepared me for what was gonna happen next--- i opened the fridge, and the fluorescent lights revealed a treat that only Tom and Jenny would think of purchasing-- mini cheesccakes! I DIED! bombdotcom!
3...2....1.... MOW!

i mowed first, then proceeded to the living room where i like to post up on the couch and watch tv while i wind down from work. and mow some more...
as i walked through the dining room, i noticed a little note reading "Love Tom and Jenny". who knew! it was amazing. they have so much to
live up to !! (hint hint)


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