February 10, 2010

How To: properly mow mexican food

it's simple really. this is a 3 step process.

the secret to Messycan dining is this: balance the sweet with the salty. which basically means, you can't properly mow mexicano food without a margarita (or 3!!) these tasty cocktails are only.. 500 calories!! SHIT! margs bump up all mow-meals to a 9 on the mowwow scale!

next, hot sauce, Hot Sauce, HOT SAUCE!! tabasco does NOT count! it is all about $0.99 tapatio. bitch. it has way more body than tabasco, and costs way less than cholula. so RATIONAL!
not like it really matters when you're eating out anyway.
so load that hot sauce on any Mexican dish-- from burrrritos to enchiladas, tamales to chile rellenos, carnitas to arroz con pollo!
(i can go on..... no? ok.)

now what are you waiting for ya'll??
eat that shit like you are NOT gonna be blowin mud later! and like it ain't the allotted calorie intake for the whole weekend! and like it IS good for your skin!


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