February 7, 2010

i wanna HIT IT with cartoons!

SHAT. daddy issues??

so i get home from work tonight. (busted knee shit fucking kills, was on my feet for 16 hours today wahhh!) its fucking 3 in the AM so of course im gonna gay-GAY- GAME !!! Zelda is inserted and like that, all my feelings for Link start rushing back. i mean, the guy spends all his time trying to save ppl and villages an
d of course, my other OTHER alter ego, princess zelda bittttch! he's a swordsman, an archer, a sling-shotter, a path-illuminator, potion-saver, lover, fighter...... Shatt.
i wanna dress up as him for Halloween!!!

i always used to be really into captain planet when i was younger... like when i first started to develop 'hormones'!! his haircut is so whack tho! and his outfit sucks ballsack, his bod is hot tho. and his face has really nice features. and i like that i'd be able to call him 'captain'... and shit. he's trying to save the planet. i mean...

know who else is seXXXy as helllll? Sid from Toy Story! the punkass neighbor who fucks shit UP.
i mean every girl has a bad boy fantasy.... and mine. is. SID! he DGAFs about everything! and has braces... mmmm


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