February 14, 2010

it's hard to feel lonely this Valentine's Day when I have my 4 friends to keep me company....!!

this is nothing!!
i can eat this shit without blinking an eye!
cupcakes do help me ration my mow-tion however. i can take a fork to a whole cake and feel less guilty than when i eat 4 cupcakes. cuz it's like, i didnt have 4 slices of cake- i just had one big slice!
these are coconut-lime cupcakes with white chocolate frosting! oh shitttttt--- they were good! demetri said he would pay money for them. dope!
these were the sweet ending to a huge mowwow. it started around noon when we ordered 2 pizzas from big mama and papa's for $13.99!! (seemed like a good deal at the time until we saw the next set of coupons that were selling 3 pizzas for $15! suxxx)
i ate a whole one cuz that's what a true mower would do-- covered in ricotta cheese and jalapenos!
for dinner it was more carbs (um duh). some pasta with extra cheeze! and then a bowl of cereal yada yada yada yada.
and THENNNNNNNN cupcakes.
it was delish! i slept like a baby! except i woke up with 2 zits on my chin!! ARGH

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