February 11, 2010

just because i'm gonna roll, doesn't mean i'm gonna rave!!

long before i started attending Coachella, i'd only clock in to music festivals put on by Insomniac (AKA Twacked Out, Rollin' Balls, Gimme a Light Show, RAVIN' Simone) Productions. listen up people:: i'm proud to share that i've grown out of that stage!! I retired the pink wig, hung up my raver beads, deleted my PLURspace account, and even shortened my rave name !!! (Princess Toadstool to Princess Peach...)

with that being said, i'm still happy to see plenty of my favorite DJs coming to Coachella this year! Infected Mushroom? Benassi?? Deadmau5?? KASKADE?!?! bomb.com!! this way, it's like, i get to go to a legit music festival, grind my teeth all weekend, and still maintain that i'm too grown up to attend raves!! tight! "that's a part of my past now..." "i've gotta grow up sometime.." "raves are so 90's..." "i'm going to Coachella MUSIC AND ARTS festival-- see, I go to art shows too!!"

one thing that isn't gonna change folks is my outta-this-world, 3 day long, high high HIGH!! as a former raver-ette/lollipop licker/kandy kitten, i know the scene is all about the party favors! i personally use the pink bunnies/blue dolphins/green hulks to tap into the part of my body that feels the musica! (AKA the closer you are to the stage, the more you can feel the bass!!) and then i just rave accordingly, all night long till the music STOPS!
but 2010 is where it ends... WAH! no dancing around erratically, trading sweaty scalp massages, or creating cuddle circles for the light show of the century. i know i know, this is all very depressing- getting old sucks! but i will be up partying with the rest of ya'll all fucking weekend. and you BEST believe i'll be smoking the green smoke from dusk till dawn. see you at the S AHARA TENT!!!


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  1. This makes me super sad that you are resting your raverette crown on a shelf. I STILL WANT LIGHT SHOWS !!!! WAHHH Always have, always will. It was a pleasure raving with you guuuurrl.