February 7, 2010


peoples! i need your help.
i am gonna try out to be an LA derby DOLL!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg cant you just see it now??
im gonna be like Iron Maven in Whipit! Juliette Lewis===== sexiest woman ever.
but i need to decide on the most badass name!
this is all i've come up with so far....
  • Princess Die
  • Anna Chokehold Smith
  • Anna Paquin Heat
it aint much!!!! i like numero uno the best.... cuz i am the princess!

i'm so hardcore! shiiit



  1. how bout Anna Wreck Sick, super hardcore. your thing could be like you dont eat all weak..... so you can devour your opponents. and just go off on how you only get hungry in the rink and you're gonna eat em alive. it would be good if you were a fatty though.