February 26, 2010


my birthday WISH list, that is! check cha check cha check it out!

first, pot leaf cookie cutter. essential. because i get baked. and i bake cookies.
second, we have Zyliss lemon and lime zesters! because the fine side of my cheese grater is really dull.
Bare Escentuals mineral foundation, in 'light'. because every latina wants to look lighter
of course, as i blogged before, my illadelph glassware. this one is a little different can you tell? it's beaker bottom, and has no ash catcher. HAWT! because it's rasta colors!!
SO DOPE! MARIO-THEMED COOKIE CUTTERS!! because they dont make them anymore. and if anyone found them for me, i'd die!
pastry cutter/scraper. woot! because i want to add it to my collection of baking utensils.

New Moon DVD. because i'm a tween at heart.

the iPAD!! because i want a kindle. and apple had to 1up it.
a digital scale. because i just feel like every ....
  • ganja girl
  • marijuana maid
  • bong-rippin' bachelorette
  • dazed daughter
  • lazy lady
  • tokin' tootsie
  • baked betty
  • stoned schoolgirl
  • high honey
  • faded female
  • blunt-rollin' babe
  • chillin' chick
  • foggy floozy
  • vaporizing vixen
  • inhaling individual
  • puffin' princess should have one!!

because the first Mario Galaxy is, hands down, my favorite video game ever. (ok tetris first.)

Volvo c30. because it's full of sex!

timing belt for the ol' Vdub... because i dont want to buy it.

Gorillaz new cd out in less than 2 weeks. because half their set at Coachella will probably be from this album!



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