February 18, 2010

my big screen debut....

hey ya'll! check me out in the movie Smiley Face! i play Jane-- check out the synopsis on IMDB!
Smiley Face follows Jane, a regular pothead and aspiring actress. Her normal day consists of 'waking and baking', eating chips, and sleeping on her wonderful bed. The movie starts off with her talking to herself on the top of a still ferris wheel. Then it goes back to 9 am that same day, when Jane is smoking weed and playing on the computer. She goes to the fridge to get something to eat and finds her roommate's batch of delicious cupcakes that he's saving for this SciFi Party later on. Of course, she eats all of them, only to realize they were also baked with pot. So, incredibly high Jane makes a list of things to do, including buy more pot to make her roommate more cupcakes, go to her acting audition, and paying the power bill in person before the company cuts off their electricity. That is how Jane's day begins... but it goes on well into sunset, where you will find Jane back on the ferris wheel, with the original Communist manifesto by Karl Marx in her arms and several angry people below her, ready to send her to prison.

haha! just a day in the life of a typical stuh suth stonnner! by far, my favorite movie. EVER.


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