February 19, 2010

THAT'S IT!! I'm finding a new place to live!


do YOU notice what's missing in this picture?? you guessed it--- Sour Patch watermelons!! WTF
in the 9 months that i've lived in Los Feliz/E. Hollywood, i have not been able to find them anywhere! they're not at drug stores, liquor stores, or supermarkets in this effing town.
are you kidding me?? stoners: do you feel my pain?? these little pink and green treats are the perfect mowables-- at all times. (Spartans, do they remind you of the student store...?)
and i;m sorry, but the sour patch kids are just NOT the same. who wants lemon and lime flavored candy? GROSS!!!

do something about it, los feliz. or im outta here.


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