February 19, 2010

TUJUNGA pride!!

for those of you who know your way around the gem of the foothills, Tujunga, you've gotta check out what's been going on for the past couple of months on tujunga canyon blvd.!
this guy who calls himself the 'bandito' has been "beautifying" a piece of undeveloped property near the Verdugo hills golf course-- property that had since been reserved for dead bodies and abandoned cars.
it all started last summer. look at what the bandito did!

at christmas, he put silver and gold metallic christmas ballz everywhere! and he built a ton of crazy ass rock formations all over the property. shit!
for February, he replaced the metallic balls with red hearts! and on Valentine's day last weekend, he proposed to his girlfriend with paint and a piece of butcher paper!!!! *swoon*

it's funny cuz the whole property now looks like a bunch of fairies went TPing one night. the decorations are soo white trash! and i love it!

you can take the girl out of tujunga, but you can't take the tujunga out of the girl.


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