February 16, 2010

What. A. Disgrace.

this is the most pathetic our candy dish has been in a while. i mean really. first of all (no offense mom), nobody actually likes candy conversation hearts. they taste like chalk they're used for Y-camp art projects. they remind me of elementary school. [[ugh private school]] i dont care if i'm baked and a halff-- i will not eat these things.
next. gumballs. not bad. but no good for a mower. GUM IS NOT A MOWABLE. I'm sorry Extra gum, but a slice of your product does NOT count as a snack. fuck those commercials. next we got ladybug and hershey's milk chocolate. BORING.
last, Chocodates! (Arabian Delight) an almond smothered in date paste, topped with chocolate. bomb but i think jenny put those in there when we first moved in. SHIT!

i spend at least $4.99/week filling that dish with mow-worthy candy. everybody eats it sooo fast! crowd favorites at the apt force 6 include reeses, snickers, milk duds, and kit kats. a couple of weeks ago, i performed an experiment. I bought a bag of N.A.S.T.Y. raspbery flavored chocolates. these are NOT something you would have seconds of. they lingered around for a little while, but were soon fully consumed! (by chris). so i guess what i learned is that i just need to have a couple friendly mowers over, and my candy dish should be empty in no time.

whos coming over???


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  1. i love the rasberry hearts!!! see ya tonight but the candy dish is looking WEAK.