March 30, 2010

Definitely a 10 on the Mow Scale!!

i outdid myself this time you guys. for reallz! so it was a typical weekday. me, chris, and demetris smoking bowls, watching 'My So Called Life', and trying to figure out where to order dinner from. well, we decided on Thai Patio (duh). i was in charge of the ordering, so i got the panang curry, brown rice, fresh spring rolls, pad thai, and cashew chicken. i mean, usually, i order the same number of dishes as there are people eating. they're family style, ya know. so technically, i ordered 4 dishes. should have been plenty for the three of us.

after mowing on Thai Patio, we sat around in silence for approximately 3 minutes before demetri asked the question we all were thinking: "did the food already come?" it was like we all simultaneously blacked out! we were all in a mow-hole and couldnt get out! our stomachs didnt register the mow we had just taken DOWN! so what was the solution to our problem? order more food DUH! umm 4th meal? heard of it????
pizza was what we chose. big mamas and papas, of course. FUCKKKKKK
this was the most i'd eaten since Joshua Tree the week before! DO I NEED TO GO ON A DIET?



  1. NO DIET ANNA! i was jut gunna say hot SeXy your hot legs looked next to the picture of the half-mowed pizza!

  2. update more ANNAS i wantto come over friday night....!