March 25, 2010

i have MOW COW disease!

and this is what it looks like

this past weekend in Joshua Tree was a mowwow to remember. at least for me it was!
my Mow Meal Plan:


lots of beer and margaritas
lots of sour patch watermelons
burger, potato salad, energy chips
baked beans
2 jumbo cupcakes-- red velvet and choco-banana cream
more beer
1 box of girl scout cookies (i mean, we took down 4 on the first night, so i figure i'm responsible for at least 1....)
sour apples and peaches in bed....

woke up to a cinnamon swirl muffin from Smart and Final- had another for an afternoon snack
2 cheese danishes
1 cup coffee
vodka + water
beer, beer, beer while BA BA BA BOULDERIN!
potato chips with sour cream and onion dip
tortilla chips with corn and black bean dip
Sour patch (DUH)
girl scout cookies
bean, cheese, avocado, pepper burrito
3 apple danishes

the bowls were a'passin' and i couldnt resist the mow-tation.
which is why I've decided to design a 30 day Mow diet and fitness plan-- for those of us who want it all, and just can't say no. those of us whose lungs can't handle cardio, but quitting smoking is just not an option. those of us who want that cannabis-leaf-bikini bod, but refuse to leave the gaming chair.


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