March 4, 2010

I've been stuck in a mow-hole...

and couldn't get out!!!
should i explain why???
a picture says a thousand words.....
there was no posing for pictures on this particular evening... everybody was having their own mow-wow!

i don't even know where to begin! this korean bbq place was too bomb for words!! 
because i had been anticipating this meal for days, i decided it was a good idea to get super FAYded and smoke bowls to my dome for a couple of hours before dinner-- just building up my appetite, ya'll! nothing new!

thank god jenny was there-- i couldn't leave without knowing what it was that i kept making her order for me time and time again. 

***kimchi pancake***


this thing was one of the best things i've ever tasted-- i had 5 or 6!!!!!!!  imagine a purple-urple pancake!

so after being wheeled out of the Korean BBQ joint, we headed down the street to my favorite ----- ICE KISS!!

i don't know where we consumed more calories- the bbq place or ice kiss.... you be the judge!

yes-- that's a dog bowl! 
Power up Pooch!
so we had one ice kiss, and one taro bowl!!! it had purple taro powder all over it! omg it tasted like cereal flavored shaved ice---- SHAT!

before and after pics are crucial! look at the damage! should we call this pic Port-au-Prince???? Concepcion??  

too soon?

this was a 10 on the mow scale!!
the morning before this meal, i weighed 127 lbs. the morning after? i was 133!!!!


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