March 9, 2010

A Mowwow: Illustrated

Ain't no mowwow like a LUAU-STYLE 
this shit was insane in the membrane! a sunday afternoon birthday party in the Valley, including a pig roasting and plenty of cocktails and appetizers. this can only mean one thing:
tiki/luau style party+ hosted by a Mexican family= food coma!
as soon as we arrived, jenny and i saw the appetizer table--- spinach dip with Hawaiian bread, fruit salads galore, crackers and dips, mango margaritas, and rum punch! we were smart and got mad faded before showing up.  it was a beautiful day for mowing!

outside was a gruesome scene: A PIG split down the middle, and thrown on the BARBIE! there were chicken breasts simmering in it's stomach fat!  ahh i was so close to trying some-- but i dont eat pork! plus i was too preoccupied with the hors d'vours (sp?) table!  
jenny and i eventually took a seat, since the hostess Valerie noticed us crowding around the snack table since we had arrived! she even said something! hahah!!!!!
so we found a seat just a couple of yards away from the action in the kitchen. and that was when things took a turn for the worse......
one of the ladies helping in the kitchen, removed the spinach dip from the table- with it's sweet, soft, hawaiian sidekick, and THREW IT AWAY!  jenny immediately noticed, but we had a hard time believing the sad truth. so we went searching. maybe she stuck it in the fridge? took it outside? set it on the counter? it was only halfway eaten..... but NO! we couldnt find that shit anywhere, and it was really funny to see jenny get anxious about it. cuz although she doesnt mow too often, when she does mow- she MOWS!  now that's a lot of mows!

soon the spinach dip was like an afterthought in our minds, thanks to the next course. jenny, on her toes as usual, got up to check out the goods, and came back with eyes wide and mouth open "anna," she said, "they have mango sticky rice." ummm que??? a sphincter says what?? did my ears deceive me??????  i had to see what my ears didn't believe-- and TA DA!
true to her word--- mango. sticky. rice.    HOMEMADE! God bless interracial marriages!
truly, of all things that couldve been brought out for dessert in a Hispanic household--- fried bananas, tres leches, flan, rice pudding, guayaba con queso fresco....  THAI MANGO STICKY RICE?? never would've guessed. it was like it was prepared with us in mind. was this planned? were we the guests of honor?   
oh gawd- looking at this pic makes me salivate. so dank. SO DANK.
and then when i got home, chris and i had pizza and candy. lesson learned: you can never have too much of a good thing! 



  1. wish I would of gone. mango sticky rice!!!!!!!

  2. Im super stoned and laughing my ass off right now! You seriously crack me up =) Thanks for coming, it would not have been the same without you and Jenny! See, it's the small things in life that count! ;0) XOXO