April 5, 2010

Princess Peach has found her missing Toadstools!!

ok ya'll. i need to do some serious birthday-meal blog posts. my birthday month is over and i'm having a hard time accepting it. so maybe this will help me find closure. and move on
let me start with the best tea party i've ever had- with the Cheshire cat herself!!! (that's you Kristie Creamsicle!) for those of you who know me well know that tea parties are right up my alley -- going out for tea is FUKIN FUN and i've been doing it with JAhn and Sammy B for years. finger sandwiches, scones, devonshire cream, raspberry preserves, lump sugar....! every gurl's fantasy! (what, YOU dont fantasize about tea??)
this was no exception.
at traditional tea parties, each guest chooses a tea, served with cream and sugar (or honey), an assortment of finger sandwiches, and lastly, a scone or pastry. well, Kristie Creamsicle is her own person ya'll. i can hear it now.. FUCK TRADITION (i'm sure she'd say). which is probably why she chose this incredible afternoon tea at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

1020 North San Vicente Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069-3802
(310) 854-1111

it had 'fuck tradition' written all over it, in that it was ALICE in Wonderland themed! shr0000minnn... now, Kristie knows my true weakness is sweets, and as soon as I scanned over the menu, i knew it was game over. i was defenseless!
i mean, it was primarily fucking dessert! shit! IM Not COMPLAINing! HELLZZZ nahhhhhhhh. coconut cream pudding, homemade strawberry preserves, lavender whipped cream, mini scones, ice wine pudding, chocolate ganache cup, marzipan cookies......... OMGahhh! and last but not least, i mean we cant forget my peeps-- i am in fact their princess --- THE TOADSTOOLS! i guess the London Hotel removed them from my Mushroom Kingdom... they must be working for Bowser....
but fret no longer! i rescued them and they are living blissfully in a warm, tropical place AKA my stomach.



  1. i found this post to be both funny, interesting and cool, great job annas!

  2. Thanks for all the shout-outs girl...love ya!