February 29, 2012

Rules are rules


Peach: The Homemaker

As chilly as it's been these past few days, last night I was in the mood to cook a healthy, yet warming soup. found a recipe for a light and unique Moroccan soup, which i added two large sliced chicken sausages to. it was the bomb dot com, especially paired with cheesy toast. it was even healthy enough for my diet-and-exercise-addict roommate to mow down!
try it tonight- it's really simple.
Moroccan soup recipe
Rounded out the evening with a nightcap at Thirsty Crow. my Absinthe rose martini was delish!


February 28, 2012

Peach goes shopping

Omg! I got so much good shit today! Aside from my Kiehl's basics, I picked up a new makeup brush, some cray cray glitter liquid eyeliner, and a perfect sun kissed Laura Mercier bronzer. With shimmer! I'm like a caramelized peach!

Just some kids hanging out... Hey... Wait a minute!


Bottoms up

I want!!

These are so dope! It's like, I could be writing a check and froyo is placed right in front of me. What do I do? Pop on my spoon attachment and mow down! Or maybe I'm writing a letter and cheesy jalapeƱo fries appear next to my writing hand- but they're so cheesy and I won't want to get my fingers greasy so what do I do? Pop a fork onto my pen! Any time is mow time!



Scout love

I drive on her streets cuz shes my companion

Rain or shine, I love this city

February 27, 2012


Anything goes when youre snowboarding all day!

Stuffed chicken with smashed garlic potatoes and Greek salad. Washed down with a chocolate- caramel covered tiger tail!

February 21, 2012