February 18, 2012

Underwater tea party!

When I was growing up, every summer was spent at my Abuela's pool. My siblings and I would entertain ourselves for hours with silly pool games (and inevitable fights) while my grandma prepared for and served us papa rellenos, fried plantains, rice pudding, and virgin piƱa coladas. She stocked up every year on pool toys: noodles, rings, rafts, you name it, for us and our cousins to play with. One thing she never understood though was our fascination with under water tea parties. Is this a generational thing,? Do kids still have fantasy tea parties underwater, all the while seeing how long they can stay on the pool floor, and hold their breath? #nostalgic

1 comment:

  1. You really need to get certified to scuba.....if u loved hanging on the bottom and just being at peace....best feeling in the world is to look up as u breath out and u watch the bubbles race to the surface as the sun bounces off them .....