February 16, 2012

Wednesday fun day!

What do you get when you put two girls together, who both work unconventional jobs 3-4 days a week, have a propensity towards day drinking, and love trying new low key joints? Wednesday fun day! This week, Sam and I decided to try the new Mohawk Bend in Echo Parque- a French-Canadian bar and restaurant that's been getting a lot of attention from LA eastsiders. Unfortunately, no rave reviews from this girl. The Canadian Mule cocktail I ordered (highly recommended by the bartender) tasted like lemon-lime scented Fabuloso. I was shocked that the citrus flavor was so synthetic tasting, considering the cocktail was $12. Not bad, but not good, especially with competitors like our favorite Big Bar turning out hand crafted cocktails for the same price. It doesn't take much to juice a lemon people, I would know! In their defense, the 'poutine' (cheesy fries covered in gravy) we ordered was pretty dank. But it's like, fries do it for me anywhere anytime.
We left Mohawk Bend after our one lousy libation and headed to the aforementioned Big Bar for a delicious Mary Pickford and a chocolate cherry Valentine's shot! Sometimes it's best to stick with what you know!

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