March 24, 2012

March 21, 2012

Something I will teach my kids

Thanks J.K. Rowling!

Dinner time at Chez a Peach

Omg you guys I hate dieting!!! It's so fucked up! All day I dream about mowin! But I've noticed something kinda funny since I began my Vegas diet yesterday (4 day diet!)- I photograph my healthy meals so much more than I do my mow attacks! I realized it's because I'm just less eager to grub on a tuna salad than on say... A pizza cone?! It's like, as soon as I pick up my to-go Thai patio order, I'm already mow-wowing before I even think about photographing my conquest! And my fridge raids are pretty spontaneous so the camera isn't always around. So anyblaze, tonight I whipped up a spicy tuna salad and served it over a bed of mixed greens, sliced tomatoes, and cucumbers. Drizzled it with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar.
I usually throw whatever fresh herbs I have in the fridge in my tuna, so tonight it was tarragon and parsley. I also added horseradish, spicy brown mustard, light mayo, Tabasco, 2 hard boiled eggs, red onion, garlic, and S&P. Delish!
Now off to the couch for my blunt and Chester's fries!

I make the rules!

We are going to be great friends

Apron, check.

Don't tell Jenny she left her Jennifer apron here!

big spoon


amazing jam

one of the best covers i've heard in a loooong time. chromatics+bruce springsteen?  Great Combo!!!


I would never leave

My feast last night

Peach cooks steamed salmon and zucchini 'fries'! It's too bad my feast didn't end there. I hate waking up in the morning with Cheez-its crumbs in my bed. Sux!
But last night's meal was really delish- and really simple! For the salmon, I brushed it with olive oil, S&P, and chopped fresh rosemary from the courtyard. I rigged a foil packet for the fish, and topped it with lemon juice and Marsala wine, then three lemon slices. After sealing the foil, I cooked the salmon for 10 mins on a stovetop grill pan. This steams the fish while still leaving it pink in the center. Buttery tender flaky deliciousness was the final product!
For the zucchini fries, I cut them into sticks, and tossed them in olive oil. In a large ziplock bag, I put some breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, S&P, chopped fresh oregano (this is key!), and garlic powder. I tossed a couple of zucchini sticks in the bag at a time, coating them with my breading. I baked them on an unlined baking sheet at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, flipped them over, and cooked them for another 15. The 'fries' were paired with a creamy horseradish dip I whipped together at the last minute: plain nonfat yogurt, light mayo, S&P, and of course, plenty of horseradish. It was the prefect accompaniment to the oven baked zucchini, and it was lowfat too!