March 15, 2012

Catalina Express for free on my birthday?!

in honor of it's 30th anniversary, the Catalina Express is offering free transportation to and from Catalina Island on your birthday! too bad I'll be working a 12 hour day on my birthday so i can spend the weekend in Rack City, bitch, rack-rack city bitch!! oh the sacrifices i make...
it's too bad though, i feel like I spent all of my summers in Catalina growing up, until I started at Vidal Sassoon in 2005. Between the 3-4 weeklong summer camps I'd do every year, the family and I would also go out there at least 2 times a summer- via a sailboat named Deception! these were the good ol' days, when stepdad was still sailing professionally, Avalon was QUIET, and Peach didn't have a summer job yet!!!!!!! which, ironically, brought me back to the island anyway, Buttonshell Beach this time, and included a weekly stipend of $400!!!

it's been almost 7 years since i stepped foot on Catalina Island, but I see it every time I make the trek up to the Griffith Park Observatory... can someone take me back puhleeze??

turns out there's a ton of free shit to do in LA, and not just on your birthday. West is Best!!

CLICK HERE for FREE shit to do in Los Angeles!


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  1. lets sail there on our boat: TRUE LOVE with pacey and joey...

    RACK CITY!!!! more cheese than a nacho