March 21, 2012

My feast last night

Peach cooks steamed salmon and zucchini 'fries'! It's too bad my feast didn't end there. I hate waking up in the morning with Cheez-its crumbs in my bed. Sux!
But last night's meal was really delish- and really simple! For the salmon, I brushed it with olive oil, S&P, and chopped fresh rosemary from the courtyard. I rigged a foil packet for the fish, and topped it with lemon juice and Marsala wine, then three lemon slices. After sealing the foil, I cooked the salmon for 10 mins on a stovetop grill pan. This steams the fish while still leaving it pink in the center. Buttery tender flaky deliciousness was the final product!
For the zucchini fries, I cut them into sticks, and tossed them in olive oil. In a large ziplock bag, I put some breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, S&P, chopped fresh oregano (this is key!), and garlic powder. I tossed a couple of zucchini sticks in the bag at a time, coating them with my breading. I baked them on an unlined baking sheet at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, flipped them over, and cooked them for another 15. The 'fries' were paired with a creamy horseradish dip I whipped together at the last minute: plain nonfat yogurt, light mayo, S&P, and of course, plenty of horseradish. It was the prefect accompaniment to the oven baked zucchini, and it was lowfat too!

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